Can someone help me make a new Part? DC-DC Step-Down!

Hi there,

Trying to fabricate a specific circuit, but I’m extremely new and haven’t got this part available. The part is called “Auto Boost Buck Converter” or a Voltage Step down converter. The information I have:

Model Specification DSN6000AUD Automatic Buck Module
Dimensions: 48mm x 25m * 14mm (Length x Width x Height)

Pictures of the part can be found here

Can anyone lend me a hand with this?

Thanks so much

Personally, I recommend making your own DC power supply. You’ll be glad you did, you will also be able to use that same design on future projects. Every basic part needed for this is in the parts library :+1:

I’ll help you what and where I can :wink:

@Eunanibus Did you get the part? Can you please share it.

Just about any company that manufactures buck converters will provide you with a schematic, board layout, and bill of materials for whatever application you what it for. Some will even have online calculators… enter your voltages and amperage and design your own.

Other useful info:

In the end, I just ended up creating it myself. I put it up on my Github for other users to have if they needed it.

It’s available here

Hope that helps

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i have made this, is not precise, but it’s work.
this is for stepdown based on LM2596S
but you can easily make based on XL6009,with is stepup.
the dimension of the board is the same.
for mounting hole i’m not 100% sure, this is my first creation. if you have suggestion let me knowDC-DC Step Down LM2596S.fzpz (16.0 KB)