Can somebody make this part with eagle2fritzing?

I tried it myself but I just don’t have the ability to do it. I would like the EPN32 UWB and I know that the eagle2fritzing might be able to do it. If there is someone, who has everything set up and working, could try to make this part I would be so grateful.

Here’s the link to the brd and sch:

I could do it for you if you’re not in a hurry for the part. Providing more information would be most helpful.

A mechanical drawing of the part would be like really helpful, and a listing of the pinouts would be absolutely needed.

I’m a novice Ki-Cad user and I was able to open the gerber files, which I could use to get measurements from, but it’s easier if there is a mechanical drawing of the part. Using Ki-Cad to open the eagle .brd & .sch files give me errors in Ki-Cad, so I can’t access the pinouts information.

If you can supply that info and can wait a couple of days, I’ll make it for you…


I’ve started it with eagle2fritzing. A part should be up in a while.


Eagle2fritzing produces a breadboard like this (and schematic and pcb) but needs a fair amount of editing to create a part.


This part should do what you want.

makerfabs-esp32-uwb.fzpz (18.0 KB)


The final breadboard looks like this:


Thank You so Much!!!