Can Raspberry Pi be simulated on Fritzing?


Hi guys I’m new to all of this, and I’m working on an experiment with a Raspberry Pi.

Our intent is to build the components and wiring on fritzing (or another virtual test platform), and then put the code into it as well, and then simulate whether a) we’ve wired things correctly, and b) whether our code is correct, prior to actually buying physical components and uploading the code into Raspberry Pi.

I just wanted to double check if my understand of Fritzing is correct and whether what I just mentioned can be done here? or should I be looking at a different software to try and digitally prototype the design we’re planning on making?

Thanks in advance!


You would need to look at other software. Fritzing doesn’t do simulation other than via spice (and most parts don’t have spice models included.) I’d guess that you would be better to do a hardware prototype with a real RPI, simulation is likely to take a lot of time.



I see, sure - thanks for your help!