Can not open Fritzing windows 10 64 bit

I have down loaded fritzing for windows 64 bit but there is not a fritzing.exe file just Fritzing application and this does not run the proram

There should be a Fritzing.exe in the I wonder if your anti-virus stripped it.

Specifically C:\fritzing\fritzing.0.9.3b.64.pc\ should contain Fritzing.exe as well as a bunch of dlls. Did you perhaps download the source repository off github (which has a directory called Fritzing-application as well as Fritzing-parts? That is only the source no executables. The binary downloads are available from rather than github. If you have the binary download, then as Old_Grey said your antivirus is the likely culprit (a listing of the zip file should indicate the exe is present in the zip). There are also a variety of posts about Win 10 problems if you search the forums search term win 10 turns up a bunch of them. There were problems with a patch on Win10 at one point as I recall.