Can not connect to pins on already existing part


I downloaded the Esp-wroom-32 part for Fritzing (the chip). The chip already has all the connections as in the product specifications only that from the 38 pins 12 pins are like disabled… Whatever I do I can not connect to them. I entered the parts editor but still I can not figure out what is the difference between the other pins (IO) and these 12.

For now I will connect the rest of them and do some modifications from the electrical diagram with the connections that I have but the question remains … How can I activate the existing 12 pins that now are disabled?

Thank you for your time. The link with the Fritzing part that I discuss about is:

It is not that hard to assign pins in the editor. Right click on the part and open in the parts editor. Go the connections tab and set the total number of pins. Then go to each view and click on the unassinged pins in the connector list and click select graphic and then select the pin on the graphic. Do that for all the pins that do not have check marks already. Once you are done you should go into the meta tab and make any changes you feel are needed as well as assign the pin names in the connections tab and then save the new part ( I have not tested it an do not know if it has any issues ).

Also are you aware that is not just an esp32 module but rather a breakout board from a specific company for a esp32 module. There is an esp32 module available by itself.

It turns out that other module was based on this board and both of them had the same issue. Further more it was not as simple as assigning the pins because someone had manually edited the fzp file which was causing the issue. I have fixed the other part.

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Ok, thank you for your reply.
I will tell you how this goes.