Can I use MAX232 to make a split power supply?

For an opAmp rails I need positive and negative voltages i.e. Vcc, Vee.

I’m looking for a good IC which is commonly used for creating split power from a single power supply.

Many recommends ICL7660. And I currently have a MAX232.I know that MAX232 is really not designed to create supply voltages, but can it be used instead? Here’s the details of MAX232:

l need +5V -5V or +9V -9V or +12V -12V all would work.

Does it have to be a single IC? I use these:

around $2 Canadian. That said if your current draw is low enough you can indeed tap off the plus and minus supplies of a max232, note the 232 drivers (even if not used) will still be drawing some current from the supply though. Don’t know what the cost of a 232 and the needed caps is these days though …