Can anyone make it?

Please, can anyone make a part or library for Dual USB 5v Power Bank 18650

Not from a picture. We need a web site with dimension and connector information.


Oh, well, maybe this will help?

Unfortunately mostly what it helps with is that a part won’t be useful. The output is USB connectors which don’t connect to anything in Fritzing making a part not particularly useful.


The only Fritzing connections would be the battery (the green arrows) the outputs as noted are USB which don’t connect to anything if Fritzing. It is possible (if a fair amount of work) to make such a part, it just isn’t all that useful as it won’t connect to anything in Fritzing.


Because, I only need those module objects for the circuit. How do I include the module object in fritzing? this also applies to the portable wifi modem I need.

It is possible to make both, they just aren’t of much use as they won’t connect to anything. I’ll look at making a coupe of parts.


It’s okay, leader. Because I only need the module object part. i think it’s ok, if only + and - can connect to the battery. And please also include 2 USB (output) and 1 micro USB (input). :grin:

This part should do what you want. The USB connectors each have two pins for GND and 5V which will light up red (although aren’t all that visible) and appear in schematic.

18650-to-dual-USB-boost-module.fzpz (21.4 KB)

breadboard looks like this (with the USB connectors connected)


Oh, wow​:star_struck: thank you very much, sir​:pray::grin: