Can anyone create an fritzing diagram out of this circuit diagram?


I’m new to electronics, fritzing and arduino.

I want to control some relays remotely and with physical buttons.
I stumbled on a post on StartingElectronics.

The author included following diagram:

It looks a very nice, but mostly very chinese to me.
I am not able to create a breadboard of it.
Can anyone help me out to create a fritzing diagram out of this scheme?

Thank you in advance!
Kind regards

max.fzz (6.3 KB)

Hi Max,

attached the breadboard view of this schematic. It’s not very complicated, so try
to do it as well…

Have fun, Uli

Woaw, thanks Uli!

I’ll try the diagram tonight and I’ll let you know if it works.


Since I’m also very very new to fritzing, I had to control my breadbord wiring with help of the
schematic which is created automatically. – But I have only moved the parts a little bit in
order to check and compare the schematic wiring. Therefore, it is quite ugly… :wink:

What kind of relais do you plan to use ? What is the application ?

cheers, Uli