Camdenboss CTB0158 5.08mm pitch 90 degree terminals

Thanks for the link steelgoose. It looks like an outer box is a yes. It’s still not clear how incoming board and outgoing wire connections will look like together though - like Fz, the eagle symbol seems to only have one connection point too.

Thanks for the red boxes suggestion Old_Grey; I am having trouble visualizing exactly what you mean for which connector - too late at night.
Actually, the upper connectors (the larger socket ones) aren’t ‘promiscuous’; they are designated as female connectors and this seems to stop them from mating with board connectors below unless you make them.

I’m no FZ expert but I don’t think you can do anything in the Breadboard view because any active pin will automatically connect to BB pin. So long as you want that centre contact to be the contact, I suppose that is what happens - any experts know better -.

I suppose you could move the contacts to little red boxes under each number on the edge of the part, if you want to avoid the unknown factor of connections because it’s more obvious that something is connected.

You can check out this Eagle symbol list… about the 9th one on the list…

You may also want to add connector(##)terminal’s in the schematic view.

After 6 months I finally answered the mystery of how terminal connectors and header connectors should look in schematic view when they are fully connected. I have the free version of Eagle installed and basically, have found that the symbol should indeed have box round it and that PCB / breadboard side connects to the tail end of the straight line ‘stalk’ whilst the male connector or inserted wire should connect side of the circular ring opposite the stalk. I am not sure how this can best be implemented in Fz. With the Camden Boss terminals I think it should be relatively easy, as I have two connector to play with, but I am not so sure about the standard male and female headers. I don’t think playing with the size and position of the connector##pin and connector##terminal shapes will give the desired effect, but I will have a play at some point.
@steelgoose: one question I have been wrestling with is the correct size of connector##terminals in schematic view. I tried setting both the width and height of the rectangle to 0 and got told off by somebody on the forums, yet I found recently when working with a customized version of one of the op amp parts, I could not get the terminals to work properly unless they were zero size. Basically the wire would snap to the pin mid-point instead of the terminal. Can you clarify on this please?

Sometimes when the connector##terminals are 0,0 they may work but can get lost when importing into a graphics editor. The connector##terminals can be any size and don’t even have to be rectangles, they can be lines… Rectangles seam to be the norm and they are easier to locate in a graphics editor… Your wire will always connect to the center of the rectangle/line… I center the rectangle on the end of the connector##pin and make them no wider then the connector##pin, about 0.01" max. Sometimes I make them 0.001" or 0.005"… depends what I feel like that day… does not make any difference as they have no color… The reason I make them bigger, like 0.01" or 0.005" is that I add a fill color (like red) so that I can keep track of them and know where they are at until I get them in place, then remove the fill.

If they don’t work, then you probably have something else going on like not properly labeled or misspelled, Check the ID labels between your .fzp and .svg to make sure they correspond.