Camdenboss CSM404 snap action micro switch


I have modified this switch to a Camdenboss V4 series switch, could you please have a look at it?

CSM405 Camdenboss Snap Action Limit Switch.fzpz (6.1 KB)

Thank you,


It looks fine. FritzingCheckPart reports no errors and the part appears to work fine. The pcb hole size is 0.07in which looks too small as the pin appears to be 6.4mm at the widest which would be around 0.27in with a7mm hole for some slop for clearance though.


Thank you, Peter.

The actual pin of the soldered version is 1.2mm (0.047in), I have meanwhile sized down the through hole to 0.06in. 6.4mm is not the pin but the switch.

Sorry, old eyes. I missed the 1.2 for the pin and used the 6.4 for the whole switch in the image above!


I know too well what you mean, can’t do anything anymore without my binoculars, too short arms.