Bullets with a connector

I need to number the wires with small bullets. Now I do this in Snagit editor, but every time the scheme changes I have to start over.
I made the bullets also in Illustrator in svg files, but how to add just one connector, to avoid the error, or, how to paste an independent nonrelated image in the scheme?

Maybe the question is stupid but looked everywhere, I guess…

thanks for the help

AFAIK there isn’t a way to do this in Fritzing at present. You can make net labels (although I don’t remember how at the moment) but as I recall they eliminate the wires and just connect to the other net labels which doesn’t sound like what you want to do. Notes (has a border, probably not suitable Edit->add note), or text or images (core parts->schematic->text | image) will produce the labels without an outside editor but they aren’t tied to the wire in any way and would need to be manually modified when changes are made. Images will get the number in a circle used in the example (and I notice net labels are available in the same place) but again they won’t move with a wire, although they will be there and can be moved around when changes are made which saves the work of moving to a different editor. Hopefully someone else will have a better suggestion, but I think that is pretty much all your choices.