Bug to duplicate label

Hello, sorry for my bad English, translated from Spanish by Google translator, there are some forum user speak Spanish? although I understand written English

please follow the following steps

A: schematic view
1: put a resistor.
2: put a label and rename LAB1 [enter].
3: connect the label “LAB1” to pin 1 of resistor.
4: duplicate label (right click [duplicate])
5: rename LAB1 to LAB2 [enter].
6: connect the label “LAB2” to pin 2 of resistor.
6: Clicking on each pin, yellow lights lab1-to pin1 OK and lab2-to pin2 OK

B: goto view breadboard

the two pins are connected, appears, a dotted line between the pins, if you put a cable connector. In the schematic view also join labels

It is a BUG?, please confirm, YES / NO

Please reproduce this steps and tell me if they happen

Fritzing Version 0.9.3, Win 10 to 64 bits

I just tried it and yes it does. It does it in Breadboard and PCB view.

If I then rename the label when it’s connected it cuts the connection.

I did a whole schematic a couple of days ago using duplicate lables, and I didn’t notice that problem. Weird.

I edited the steps of the post 1, confirmed yes / no bug