BTS550 or other 5pin HighSide PowerSwitch / PG-TO218-5-146

Hey folks,
as a newbie I’m very “helpless” creating my own parts at the moment.
What I need is a BTS550 - or similar as a PG-TO218-5-146.
( BTS550 Datasheet(PDF) - Infineon Technologies AG )
Any ideas whre to find?

Many thanks in advance
the “Stevie”

This should do what you want. Note breadboard view is top view (for perf board) as that is the breadboard layout that I had handy. The hole size in pcb is about 1.3mm (the leads claim to be 1.1mm) so you may want to check clearance against a real part.

bts550.fzpz (5.0 KB)


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