Breakout boards option

There is a tag “parts submit” and “parts help” available in the forum but many people seems to produce also breakout boards.
That category of design is not not easy to locate yet.

Suggestion therefore is to introduce this category “Breakout boards” as option.
“Breakout boards help” when board is in development.
“Breakout boards submit” when board is ready for final usage.


Changing “Outbreak” to “Breakout”.

Outbreak is like a disease :smile:

There is also a projects area, but that is locked down for now. Needs some work after the change of servers.


Oops, Fixed.
Any Idea when the projects area will be up again?

No idea. I am not current on what all needs to be fixed/implemented, how complex it is, or how much time people with that information (and skills) have to dedicate to it.