Breadboarding Layer Issues

I am having issues with breadboarding a circuit which requires a second breadboard. When I drag out the second breadboard from the parts list, the breadboard is placed in front of my components. I have tried changing the board type and deleting it and trying again but the layer issues are persistent. If I try to change the layer by right clicking on either the parts or the breadboard and mousing over ‘raise and lower’ all of the options are grayed out. The connections to the board still work but it is difficult to breadboard when you can’t see or move the parts connected to the breadboard.
If anyone else is having the same issues or knows how to fix this issue please could you let me know.

Thanks in advance.

If this is breadboards in BB view, mine raise and low fine.

Are you talking about putting a tiny BB on a large BB, but the tiny BB is behind the large BB.