Breadboard-View Is it possible to group mutliple parts?

Hi everyone,

does there exist a possability to group parts so that - when I click on the “gropu” and want to move it the whole group and all “inner” wires are moved together?

best regards Stefan

It depends on what view. What do you want to do specifically, and what view. If you have the sketch load it with the 7th button above.

Hello Old_grey,

thank you for answering. Im a total noob about fritzing. I don’t understand yet what you mean with “7th button above” .

I tried to create a group out of two parts. One is a “generic AC/DC-power-supply” and the second part is a DC-DC-buck-converter. I want to group them so that I can re-position them with a single left-click-drag-and-drop

instead of doing left-click to draw a window through both parts and then second left-click to move them

best regards Stefan

When you answer this post there are buttons above in the box, it’s the 7th.

Sorry i don’t really understand. It sounds like you have 2 circuits and you want to group one and move it. You didn’t say what view, but if it’s the PCB view you box select the parts you want starting the box off the PCB - it won’t select if you start the box on the PCB -. You hold CTRL and right-click(Win) on extra parts you want to select and deselect. Then you right-click on any selected part and drag it and the rest will follow.

Shortcut keys.

OK I understand the button above the text-inputfield of the forum-website that looks like a storage-box with an arrow upwards

OK I upload the fritzingfile
Arduino-Mega-driving-stepper-motor.fz (225.3 KB)

Ok so it’s BB view.
In BB view wires that aren’t connected will not move with the part, and just because wires are touching doesn’t mean wires are connected - you can’t join a wire in the middle in real life when using real BB’s, so FZ need a terminal. In BB you can’t box select/drag so the wires stay in position, you can only move parts, and if wires are connected properly they will stay connected. Wires that are connected have green ends and joints, red means no connection, and to test a connection click on the wire ends and everything connected with light yellow.

Fritzing does not have a way to permanently group parts together the way you want.

However, instead of dragging a window to select them both (which can select unintended extras), you can select one part (just click on it), then add another part by holding down the control (ctrl) key, and clicking the second part. That will “group” them the same as dragging a window across them.

Ctrl + click is a toggle, so it can be used to add and remove individual parts from the current selection. So the drag select could be used to select multiple parts, then ctrl + click to remove any extras that drag selected that you do not want. Or to add something that the drag missed.

As @Old_Grey said, any wires actually connected to any moved parts (whether one or several) will move along with the parts. Or at least the ends of the wires will move with the part they are connected to. Depending on other factors, bend points in the wires might stay where they were. A quick test says the whole wire should move, as long as the parts at both ends are included in the current selection.

Actually I just remembered. You can go Edit/Select All, deselect what you don’t want with CTRL and right-click, and it will move in a group.