Breadboard to Match ADALP2000

Is there any place I can get a Fritzing breadboard matching the one that comes with the ADALP2000? Or is there a way I can create and add one myself? It would be really convenient to have a breadboard that matches the one I’m actually using.

Breadboards are somewhat complex to create. The problem in this case is no real information on the ADALP2000 breadboard. There is one picture (at an angle) in the ADALP2000 parts list that appears to be a standard breadboard with no bottom power buses, but other ADALP2000 pictures show a standard breadboard. We would need a picture of the breadboard you want to see how easy it would be to modify an existing one.


This is the breadboard that comes with the ADALP2000 kit – no colored lines on the power rail.

Should be a relatively minor modification to the current full size breadboard. Are the power rails continuous across the entire top or do they split in 2 at the middle?


OK this should do what you want.


Changed the part to split the power rails in the middle to match the real part.

ADALP2000-breadboard.fzpz (46.8 KB)

a breadboard2 modified to match the image above.


Thanks, but this has the power rails on both sides. And, it includes red and blue lines with them. It’s not quite what I was looking for.

Sorry, I was importing it incorrectly. It’s exactly what I need. Thanks for the special effort.

May I request one minor change? The power rails should be split in the middle.


Sure, easy enough to do. I have replaced the part with a new version with split power rails. You will need to delete the old part, then close and restart Fritzing (to really delete the part) before you can load the new version.


Thank you for the quick response!

I hate to seem like a dunce, but I don’t know how to delete the old part. I can easily delete it from the window, but that doesn’t remove it from the bin.

Delete it from the sketch, then right click on the part in the mine parts bin and select delete. That should delete it entirely, but doesn’t appear to unless you shut down and restart Fritzing.


It’s in a bin called TEMP. When I right-click on it, there’s no DELETE or REMOVE option. I can’t get rid of it. When I restart Fritzing, it’s still there.

The temp bin is coming from the .fzz file (the sketch file.) To remove it from there, you need to delete the breadboard in the sketch then save the sketch file ( or File-.Save as->filename) then exit Fritzing. That will delete it from the .fzz file and the temp parts bin when you reload the sketch. At that time you should be able to load the new part.


That still didn’t work for me, so I decided to remove and reinstall Fritzing. Now I have the newer ADALP2000 breadboard. Thank you for your help!