Breadboard surface mount chip LED

I have a project using the SMD is CSL0902RT1. The plan is to breadboard four of these LEDs in a parallel circuit. Would a preliminary PCB with pads be the best way to begin?

I’d probably use a smd to breadboard adapter board (they are cheap off of ebay, more expensive from digikey usually, depends on how fast you need them!) A google search of the form “smd 1608 to dip breadboard adapter” should find them. They also make perf board versions (and sometimes you can solder the LED to standard 0.1in perfboard successfully as well.) Otherwise a pcb is an option as well but likely more expensive and takes longer.


Thank you very much for your quick response. I checked around but found no exact 1608 to dip adapter. I chatted with JLCPCB but got nowhere.

Then your best bet (cheapest and fastest) is likely to be pref board. You should be able to solder the LED to the pads on the perf board (this is the led footprint super imposed on two 0.1in perfboard pads)

or this if you need more than 0.1in spacing on the breadboard

using swiss type male header pins in the 0.1in holes should give you the connection to the breadboard.


I like your approach to solving my issue! I believe your second solution may do the trick. I’ll let you know.
Thank You!