Breadboard scale in FontsAndTemplates scale

Noobiest Noob speaking:

I’m trying to design a new part (for the hell of it). I downloaded Inkscape 0.92, and latest Fritzing 0.9.3. When I read the Breadboard Template from “FontsAnd Templates” into Inkscape the scale seems a bit to small. If I read in other components (like a Feather M0) they seems to appear at the scale I expect, and have used to design my fantastic first component. Attached is an image showing my challenge. Obviously I have screwed up, but after a day of fiddling, I’m stuck.

Would some kind person throw me a line?


While I’m not very clear on the problem, one cause of scale issues is defining the document size in px. Fritzing then guesses at which of several dpis (72 for old illustrator, 90 for older Inkscape, 96 for current Inkscape) it should use (sometimes guessing wrong). Setting file->document properties->custom size->units to in or mm fixes the problem. That said your best bet is to upload the part that is giving you trouble (7th icon from the left in the reply menu) and one of us will have a look and try and correct the problem.


Dear Peter,
Thanks for the swift and generous response.

Rather than upload my downloaded version, below is pointer to official zip file. Dig down into “Templates” and see file BreadboardViewGraphic_Template.svg

When I open it in Inkscape it claims the custom-size-units are mm.

If it is any help, it is ~82% of the correct size. That’s not 72/90 or 72/96, so I don’t think it is an Inkscape “wrong guess” - or is my math broken?


I don’t understand the problem either.

If you look at SCH template font sizes are all over the place, so just use a size you like.
If you are drawing a part in Ink and when you import it into FZ it becomes small, you have to edit the XML file and remove the “px” in the text sections.

Ah! I haven’t used that in years, and yes it is wrong in at least 2 ways. The scale is incorrect (1.0 when it should be 10.41667 to match the parts file format suggestion) and the dimensions are in px for me which will cause the scaling issue as Fritzing willi likely take it as a 90dpi Inkscape version when is using 96 dpi. I’m going from a version I downloaded several years ago, but there haven’t been any changes since then I don’t think. I suppose I should see about getting this updated but I’m not necessarily sure who can do it. Until then perhaps use this part as a template since it’s svgs are at the correct scale and set in “in” which avoids the scale issue.

fc-51.fzpz (21.3 KB)

if you unzip the fzpz file it will give you a part.fzp file and
4 svg.layername.svg files all of which should be correctly configured to make a good part. I generally start from something like this (usually exported via parts editor with save as a new part to create a new, non conflicting moduleId) to make new parts or just edit the file manually (which is frowned upon by most other folks in here :slight_smile: ).


Thanks both. It’s at least less embarrassing to know it wasn’t a trivial Noob problem. Don’t rush to fix it for me. I learned enough from your diagnoses to make progress.

Thanks very much.