Breadboard images with Pico

Hi there,

two questions from a totally newbie.

I’m using fritzing just for sketching breadboard images for education purposes.

  1. Is it possible to show a Raspberry Pico the other way round, so that the bottom with the pin numbers is shown?

  2. Is it possible to show a breadboard with a bus strip in the middle?

Thanks alot for your help!

Almost anything is possible, however useful is another matter. Likely more sensible would be to add the pin numbers to the pico breadboard view (although that is non standard as the real pico doesn’t have the pins numbered which is isn’t done in the current part.) Note that hovering over a pin will bring up the description of the pin like this which may do what you want on the current part.

It is possible (but a lot of work) to create a custom part that does this. A sketch with two breadboards and the power strip referred to in a post earliet this morning would be the probably most sensible option here.


Thanks, Peter!

I’m printing the images for my students, so hovering/ToolTip is unfortunately not a solution.

I’m soldering the header to the pico the other way round, so that they see the pin numbers. That’s why I would like to have the pictures in the teaching material the same way.

Thanks for pointing me out, that two breadboards would do the trick.

This part should do what you want. Breadboard and pcb have been swapped so it is inverted as you wish.

edit (Apr 2024)

correct typo in breadboard for GP26

Raspberry-Pi-Pico-tht-bb-reversed.fzpz (15.5 KB)


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Hi Peters,

many thanks for this help.
It is working as expected, great!


Hi Peter,

thanks again. Unfortunately there are typos in the file. The Analog Pins should be labeled:


I’m not sure how to correct this. Would it be possible for you to do this?
That would be great!!


Done (I replaced the original .fzpz above.) Note you will need to delete the current version in the parts bin, then restart Fritzing before it will let you load the new part.


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Thanks again. Everything is fine now!