Breadboard Full+ Half Power Rails

hello all,

I’m currently using the ‘full’ varient of the breadboard on the parts library, but I keep getting lost as to which is the positive and negative/gnd rails. I found that the ‘full +’ board has blue and red to help with this, but it seems like the power rails are full length, as opposed to half length like that of the ‘full’ board.

Is it possible someone could please make a varient that is the design of ‘full’ with red and blue lines to indicate +/-.

For now I’m going to move to using two “half +” boards I think.

I think this might just need an SVG change, but I’m not sure how to make a new variant.

Thanks, James.

I don’t think that’s very necessary. It’s looks very “First World problem” to me, sorry… :sweat_smile:

But if you really need it… Here, check if it help…
BB Full Custom (Req).fzpz (31.3 KB)

It’s not the most important thing, but like I say I was starting to muddle up which was gnd and which was positive, and as such was creating shorts, as there were so many breadboard connections.

I’ll give this a go now, thanks!

Heya, that works perfectly, thanks so much!