Board choices in CODE section of Fritzing

Anyone know how to add a ESPnodeMCU-32s board option in the code section of Fritzing?

I think most of those code things would be out of date. Maybe try the original IDE.

It looks like that will need some code changes in the application. See as a place to start for details.

A board does not get added to code view. A build environment does. In this case, maybe you are looking to add Lua code, plus the interface to be able to send that to the nodemcu boards. Depending which firmware is loaded on the board, I believe that the existing Arduino mode would work.

If you are using the Arduino ide (which I think supports the esps?) then it should just work as the IDE selects the board type. Be aware that the code section for Arduino didn’t use to work as the IDE wasn’t ready yet, but someone by changing javascript some where (on linux) got the latest IDE working. Unfortunately they didn’t respond to a request for instructions how and I haven’t gotten around to trying it.