Bluetooth antenna

I’m going to make a Bluetooth antenna based on this layout

I will do this in a non scientific manner to explore the possibillities with Inkscape to draw this up while using the least amount of brainpower. So watch this space and have fun. Please keep in mind that i’m not doing any math on this antenna, i just use the info provided on that website to slap this thing together…

First i copy this image into an Inkscape layer
Move the image to the 0 , 0 origin (bottom left corner)
Then in Document properties I resize to selection
Note that this image is not to scale (i will resize this later on)

now i trace the antenna blocks (remember i’m doing this very straight forward) and give them the copper1 layer color #f7bd13
same for the ground plane and there i use the more orange color #f28a0f

note that there is a via between the left ‘leg’ and the ground layer. So lets make a via
make a little circle (this will also be on the copper layer) after rescaling this circle has to be resized to 0.4mm (the standard size of a via)

This is what i have so far:

inkscape svg

Now i can delete the bitmap layer as i nolonger need it to trace anything

i open inkscapes XML editor Edit>XML Editor
and here i name the rectangles into something that makes a little bit more sense to me. (not really essential but i try to minimise the confusion to something that i can work with) and place all in a logical order

i rename the vector layer to copper1
made a new layer copper0 and move the ground plane to this layer
and i fixed a few details
locked the copper layers
made a silkscreen layer
moved the “outline”
to the silkscreen and locked it
Saved as plain SVG

and now I have:

plain svg

After rescaling ans some cosmetic adjustments:

download plain svg

At this stage I could use some suggestions for the PCB part design
the connector stuff for the copper layers where should i put the ground connections on this?
can the whole ground plane be a connector

I am also working on 2.4Ghz meandered PIFA now, and still finding data
did you successfully complete the design? can you share your findings?
Thank you ~