Bipolar LED part


Sorry about this, has anyone created a bipolar LED?

There is one with common cathode, but thinking of a two-leg bipolar led.


Have you got a link to the datasheet.

Is it just a 5mm LED with 2 pins at 100mil, because I suppose it’s just the SCH that’s different.

There are parts everywhere in Goo, did you try a search.

Hi Sorry, no data sheet but its a 3mm LED.

Sorry what is Goo?

The reason we insist the person find the datasheet is because we don’t have the part in our hands, and after all this is engineering. I’ve made enough wrong parts because the person didn’t specify exactly, i.e. I was about to make a 5mm because 3mm wasn’t specified, and that has happened too many times.

Goo search is Google.

apologies, i have not bought them yet as i am still planning.

I will just use an LED and label it differently.

And yes did extensive searching before I messaged on here.

Please disregard this request.