Biologist with love for electronics and software development

I have been using Fritzing for my first electronic projects. I am so thankful to the people who developed it. I think that I would have not been able to learn and develop my electronic passion without this software.

I love to tinker, although my education is in biology, I spend a lot of time building machines and writing software.

With limited experience in C++, I would love to join other developers and give back to this project :smiley:

Welcome aboard! I agree Fritzing is unique and well worth helping survive.

All help would be appreciated, it is unfortunately quite difficult, the source code is very complex and I think pretty much everyone that was familiar with it is now gone from the project so there isn’t anyone to ask questions of. There are issues open on github tagged “easy start” to try and attract folks willing and able to help, that would probably be the place to start.


Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

I have tried to read previous discussion about development. I was indeed sad to learn that the development came to a standstill for a long time, but I understand that development has restarted and I see new releases coming out after a long period of dead silence. Did things change in this regard?

Yes, I tried for a couple of years (without success!) to restart development. Then the CTO at Aisler got involved (I gather Aisler gets good business from Fritznig :slight_smile: ) and as far as I know they have partially funded a project manager (@KjellM ) who has done a marvelous job of cleaning up the web site, updating the forum software, creating a new release build environment and producing new releases. So now development is running again (I think mostly from Kjell there is still limited help from the community.) As far as I know the intent is to fund professional developers from the new donation pay wall for built releases. This has caused a lot of complaint, but it has also helped Fritizng survive. You can still download the source and build from source to avoid the pay wall, but having done so before I’d rather pay the donation and get the built and running release :slight_smile: .


Thanks for the extra information, well I am glad that the project is surviving one way or the other :slight_smile:
Does it make any sense for me to file pull request? And trying working on the source code? I do not see any tag older than 0.9.6 on GitHub. @KjellM I was wondering, did the development move somewhere else?

If you can solve issues successfully pull requests will I’m sure be appreciated. Lack of developer time is a major problem as far as I know.

No it is on github. 0.9.7 got released a week or two ago, has a major bug and has been replaced by 0.9.8 a couple of days ago. I suspect 0.9.8 will be very close to head and likely the tags haven’t been updated yet, although Kjell is the authoritative source.


Great, then I will keep an eye on the github. Maybe try to pick an issue and see if my technical skills are good enough for actually helping.

Welcome on board Janclod!
Let us know if you need help with the code. In any case, there are also other tasks that not involve coding: checking if bugs are reproducible in the bug tracker (the imported ones are quite old and need triaging as maybe are old or not have enough info for debugging), improving parts that have mistakes or weird symbols (e.g. the potentiometer), writing documentation, etc.

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