Big Easy Stepper Driver models?

I’m a new user of Fritzing and I’m looking for a Big Easy Stepper Driver part
Does anyone know where to find one ?


Add the word fritzing and search the internet - Image search usually is the quickest way -.

How to search is here

Thanks @Old_Grey,
My first search was Google with Fritzing in the search term that didn’t produce any useful results.
However I hadn’t thought of a visual search I found a You Tube video from 4 years ago that used a Fritzing image of the Big Easy Driver so I’ve left them a comment.

Hopefully i’ll find one eventually, in the mean time I’ll use the Easy Driver Fritzing model so I’m not held up with development.


When I saw it was Sparkfun i knew they had FZ parts, so you search for SF FZ. All the guys with bins in FZ should have more parts in their Github.

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@Old_Grey … you are a star !!
It imported perfectly and I’m connecting it up

Thank for your help