Better Paste of objects

When you Copy Paste, the Paste pastes on the centre of the screen with each additional one being pasted on a diagonal moving down until it goes off the screen. This is annoying because you have to zoom out and in all the time.

Can the Paste paste only on the current view screen.

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I agree, paste at mouse pointer position would be more logical. Also if you copy a selection of objects it tricky NOT to past it on top of anything else.

Yeah, paste at mouse pointer is the best.

On mine it pastes under other objects, and that makes it hard to pickup.

O that sucks…

Undo (CTRL+Z) scroll down and paste again in a clean area might help for now.

What I was doing when I knew the next part was going to be off screen, I pressed Copy, because the same last part is still selected, so that when it pastes the current copy it does it back in the middle of the screen. Not efficient because you have to press Copy again, but better than going off screen.

Whats also a bit confusing is the copy option but not having a paste option to go with that in the right click mouse menu.

That’s why I said the re-copy option isn’t efficient, it’s just better than zoom out and back in.