Bend point symbol meaning

Some of my bend points show just the bend while others show a small dot within the trace. Yet others show a dot larger than the trace. What are these symbols telling me? Will I have any fabrication issues when the large dots are shown (see pic)?

Large dots

They indicate bend points in the trace where you can move the trace. Here I right clicked on the trace and it lights in yellow all the connections and bend points.

exporting this as gerber files and displaying the result in gerbv (or any other gerber viewer) will indicate what the PCB will look like

which is perfectly normal. It is good practice to display the gerber files before ordering boards as gerber creation occurs after PCB view rendering and can be different (due to bugs usually) than the display in Fritzing. The gerber output is what the actual board will look like.


Thanks for the suggestion to view the gerber file before ordering. I’ll do that.