Beginner question: How to change the size of a resistor

I’m an absolute beginner in using Fritzing and trying to build something using a prototype board/perfboard.
My problem is, that the resistors are “too big” for the perfboard. With my boards I have (in real), a resistor covers two holes of the board. In Fritzing, a resistor covers 3 holes. Is there a way to change that? I tried changing the pin spacing or using the new parts editor, but it didn’t help me.
I’m using Fritzing 0.9.4. Is there any way to do that?


Use the part in this thread

you need to download the .fzpz file then load it to the mine parts bin by doing a File->open on the .fzpz file in Fritzing. As I recall the color bands work on this one (it has been a few years since I made it.), if not there is one somewhere with working color bands. In general the parts that have been modified for perfboard use usually have “top” or “top view” in the name. @steelgoose did a bunch of them, I have done others. There are things like transistors and leds of various kinds around.


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Thanks it is helpful.

You are most welcome. If you have more questions (which is likely as documentation is generally lacking) feel free to ask.