Battery, Drive Module, Geared motor?

Hey guys, I am new to fritzing and would appreciate some advice. I need to show the electronic configuration of a university project and due to COVID-19, I have not been able to get the parts and build it myself. Essentially we have made a stair-climbing robot, with two front wheels for turning and moving forward and a worm gear motor that pushes the robot up and down the stairs. (I have attached a picture of the model)

I need to show that the circuit works and having explored other websites such as TinkerCAD and, I found that I could not replicate the parts I wanted or the set up that I needed. Fritzing has a bigger parts library and so I can swap the parts I need for some good alternatives (motor shields, microcontroller etc) however there are some fundamental parts that I can’t swap. The first is the battery, where I need to replicate the current draw and the voltage of this: I have seen a 2000mAh battery however the voltage isn’t significant and so I was wondering how difficult it would be to replicate a battery like this. Similarly, I need my motors to have a certain output so not sure if that is possible to recreate. I would like a fuse for the circuit to perform if the current exceeds 5A and finally I need a gear motor that is 62 RPM. Could anyone give me any advice on what I can do and if Fritzing is the correct platform considering there are a lot of modifications to make.
Thank you

As in have a simulation that the circuit works? Fritzing doesn’t do simulation (mostly, some parts will do spice models but not that many.) If you only need the circuit displayed in breadboard, schematic and pcb then Fritzing will do that. Modifying the battery would be pretty trivial except if you need the charging setup (which isn’t specified in the web page listed other than as a multi pin connector.) Fritzing won’t do anything with the voltage or current (no simulation) so that shouldn’t be an issue. Again for the motors there are motors of various kinds (even some gear motors) but if you need a particular motor you will probably need a new part (and to get that we would need mechanical details of the motor.) Again Fritzing won’t care about the speed of the motor, to Fritzing a motor is a motor. If you need simulation Fritzing probably won’t do what you need. If you just need a breadboard, schematic and pcb (or any of the three) then it probably will.


Thank you for your response- I have created a good schematic but will try to use something else to show the physics working.

One thing to look at (unrelated to Fritzing) is the size of your battery. Unless the entire unit is extremely light, a ~2 amp/hour battery isn’t likely to be able to run it for very long (if at all.) You may find you need a much bigger (and thus much heavier) battery. Good luck!