Battery connection with feather M0

Untitled Sketch.fzz (140.0 KB)

Hey guys! I need some help for my school project for one last thing, in the file above, I need to connect the feather with 2 2000 mA batteries. I try to connect them but I just cant. Either in the feather M0 you cant connect batteries or im just really really dumb. : p

Thanks in advance, Jordan

There are no connector pins on the USB, the red ends indicate they are not connected.
I’m not sure where that module is powered, but any connection to the USB are just superficial.

Maybe that BAT pin is power in.

From the sketch, you are trying to connect the battery to a connector that doesn’t have connections defined so it won’t connect. You look to be trying to connect it to the USB connector which won’t work in real life either. In the sketch below I have connected the battery to the bat terminal and ground (I have no idea if that is where it should go or not though :slight_smile: ). Ah, I pulled up the data sheet and it appears the brown connector beside the USB is the battery connection but they don’'t appear to have put in connectors for that connection. Reading their poor resolution (unusual for Adafruit) pinout pdf, it looks like yes this is the same pin that connects to the battery connector but you should verify that before doing it in real life.

Untitled Sketch1.fzz (140.2 KB)


It’s not likely anyone can make a USB cable because there are too many sizes, the steel part has to be removed so it butts with the other PCB USB, and it will not be connected. It will just be a visual representation.

It should be possible, like the power barrel / jack I did a year or two ago, it just has limited use except for documentation purposes (which is a valid purpose) but then a connection with no connector works as well and is much easier :slight_smile: .


There is a thing in Part Edit - I saw it yesterday -, where you can make a part only visible in 1 view. It’s in View, and maybe that is what a visible representation in BB only is for.

Thank you guys once again! :slight_smile: Ill talk with my teacher about it to be sure and ill finish the schetch

With the board unpowered an ohmmeter or continuity tester between the vbat header pin and the battery connector pins should tell you if they are the same. The documentation seems to say that they are but the pdf is blurry and hard to read.