Bank of switches with NO and NC traces: is it a thing?

Hello all,

I’m on the hunt for some switch component which simulates a 2-circuit limit switch. Specifically, my limit switch has one NC trace and one NO trace. It’s not essential that the “breadboard” or “PCB” view match my switch exactly, I just want a decent placeholder so others can follow along.

I’m too inexperienced to take a shot at making a component right now. Just curious if this sort of thing is common. Perhaps I’m using the wrong language to describe my switch.

For reference, this is my switch:

Thanks for your feedback!

From that description, what you want is a single pole double throw (SPDT) switch. Search for “toggle” in the parts library offers a few choices. I like the black one that looks like a slide switch.

Searching for SPDT gets more options (including relays). There are some where the name says SPST, but look to actually be double throw.

EDIT: The part you referenced says it is DPDT, which is really 2 switches ganged together. A search for DPDT shows available options.

EDIT2: For a bank of switches, search for “dip switch”. However those only have NO contacts.

Hey uMerlin,

Thanks, a DPDT seems to do the trick. I’ll just pick a combination of contacts where the first trace is NO and the second trace is NC.


First and second are fairly arbitrary. You can always rotate the part in each view, and many parts can be flipped horizontally and vertically as well.