B8B-XH-A Connector Needed

Hi all

I need help with a B8B-XH-A Connector being made. I find the parts editor confusing and cannot figure out how to use it.

Can anyone help with the making of a B8B-XH-A Connector for a PCB I need to design?

A data sheet and the number of pins desired would be needed to make a part.


Sorry, I forgot to include it.

its the 8 pin one

Easy enough. Drag a connector in to the sketch in Inspector (lower right window) set the type to molex and the number of pins to 8.

that gives you the connector. Now drag a hole in to the sketch set it to 1.7mm diameter and move the hole to the correct place via the x and y tabs in inspector (note to get accurate results you need to zoom the pcb out as far as possible before setting the position.)

edit or use this part

B8B-XH-A.fzpz (4.8 KB)



Thanks, I appreciate the help.