Axial (electrolitic) capacitors, are there any?

I’m looking to use a 470uf capacitor on a small project and I would like to use an axial type to reduce the overall height on the PCB, Is there one available? I can’t seem to find one in the different packages available within the normal radial type so I’m reaching out to see what I’m missing. How would I select the axial version for a larger capacitor? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

P.s. or could I possibly edit a part to suit my needs?

Try this one ( a google search for “fritzing part axial electrolytic capacitor” is your friend, I remembered making this one but not where it was …):

Yes it is possible (if not necessarily easy) to edit a part to do this. See Old_Grey’s series of videos on parts creation. Usually a google search is easier.