Ask for UTC1117 part

I found that in the core, there was 7805 voltage regulator for 5v, there was no 3.3v edition, also there was a down-pull menu, it could not be selected. And, when I selected 7805, I couldn’t modified it’s pins arrangement as UTC1117.

7805 pins: In Gnd Out
UTC1117: Gnd OUt In

There was a 3.3v in Sparkfun-PowerIC, but the mark “78xxl” couldn’t be changed.

A google search for ‘fritzing part utc1117’ turns up this page:

Looking at that webpage it’s clear that it’s a surface mount component on a breakout board that is breadboard friendly. I’ve seen SMD devices on breadboard friendly breakout boards before that had the actual pcb SMD footprint.

Hey, take a look at that part, and if it won’t work for you, explain why it won’t work for you. Maybe someone can fix it to your needs…


Assuming you want the sot23 case this should do the job:

UTC1117.fzpz (4.7 KB)


I want TO-220 footprint.

OK this should do the trick:

UTC1117-TO220.fzpz (10.1 KB)


Yeah, it’s it.