Ask for help with a part: buzzer 9mm 9042

Hi guys – I would like to build a small gaming-console using a 9mm buzzer. It seems, as if all buzzers in the parts library are 12mm in diameter. Would anybody be able to create a part of the following information? That would be so great.

Best regards, Dani

I bought them from Aliexpress:

They seem to be about the following size:

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This part should do what you want. Note the pcb holes are set for 0.1in headers (0.038in) so if you are soldering the buzzer in rather than plugging it in to a header the holes may be a little large (as the pins appear to be 0.6mm or 0.023 in and 0.030 holes may be more appropriate (easy change to make if required!)

buzzer-9mm-9042.fzpz (3.7 KB)


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Peter, thank you so much! I’ll try the part and will get back to you, if the holes have to be changed! Regards from Zürich, Switzerland, Dani