Arduino shield and ICSP Headers

I am making an Arduino shield of sorts. It is almost ready but I need a couple parts to finish it off.

Is there parts out there for the Arduino headers with the long pins and female headers? Same for the ICSP pins?

If not, I’d like to just leave the usual solder holes and I’ll source the parts myself. I cannot seem to find a simple hole for soldering pins on a through-hole component. I find the mounting hole object.


In the core parts bin near the bottom with the label connection the first icon (a single .1 connector) is what you want. If you drag that in to a view then Inspector (the lower right window) will let you change its attributes (number of pins, male / female etc.) to make most headers you could want. It will create the correct footprint in PCB view for the selected connector. The long pin version isn’t available but the gerneric version will work fine.


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