Arduino Rocket Guidance

I was thinking of a project to build a small sugar rocket, but I want it to have electronics inside, maybe a guiding system using arduino. So I saw on the instructables website a guy giving a hint and showing his design, so I used as a basis the components he used and I modified many things to fit in, LINK HERE. I made the design and wanted to know if you guys that are experts in PCB could give me a hint as to how the board is, I’ll redo the code I copied from the guy to fit the modifications. Project here for anyone that want’s to see or use it GuidanceSystem.fzz (56.4 KB) (OBS: The measurements of the PCB are to fit in a tube of 2.5cm of radius)

While I’m not a pcb expert, the only thing I see which may be a problem is the buzzer. Both it and the nano are showing as top of board (the gyro is showing bottom where it will miss the nano). I think you want the buzzer to be bottom as well (since it appears to be polarized, although I don’t think most of them care). At present it will be blocked by the nano on the top of the board, but it should be able to miss the gyro on the other side. Moving it to the bottom means you need to reroute its traces or rotate it 180 degrees after moving it to the bottom (probably the easy solution as then the traces remain as is). Other than that it passes DRC and the gerbers look fine in gerbv.


Hi peter, thanks very much for the reply! yeah i forgot to put the buzzer on the bottom layer of the board, but it was just a mistake i’ll fix it, and if the Gerber view is looking good it’s all right then.