Arduino R4 Minima

Someone on github requested a Arduino R4 Minima so here is a part.

Arduino-R4-Minima.fzpz (30.6 KB)


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Excellent, thank you very much, in the same thread I want to ask: is there also the Arduino UNO R4 WiFi part?

Iā€™m working on it.


Thanks for the part.

I used the Arduino R4 Minima part in the project documentation and also in a book project.
Unfortunately the part ist pretty dark (PCB color).

May I ask you for a brighter version in order to receive better contrast between PCB and pin header.

Thanks :slight_smile:

That is easy enough to do, but the current breadboard matches the actual part like this

This part has a lighter (if inaccurate) breadboard

Arduino-R4-Minima-light-bb.fzpz (30.7 KB)


Thanks for your quick service :slight_smile: