Arduino part grey on Simulation

Hi, I’m using v1.0.1 and when I load an example Arduino project e.g. blink.fzz and run simulation the Arduino part is greyed out? The other basic circuits like LED run fine.

The arduino doesn’t have a spice model and thus won’t be simulated.


But Arduino simualtion works on Tinkercad. So simulation with Arduino isn’t a feature. That’s a shame. Tinkercad components list looks more extensive. I was hoping Fritzing would be my tool.

mmm. It seems you are right about Arduino. Do IC’s have spice models? Can I use the Atmega32 instead of Arduino?

Also when nothing is connected all components appear greyed out.

This is very confusing.

Tinkercad makes sense.

Please, read the blog post, which specifies the capabilities of the software:
Simulating microcontrollers is not possible in SPICE simulators (like ours) as there are no models for them.
All elements that are not being simulated are greyed out. When nothing is connected, nothing is simulated and thus all elements are greyed out. You can stop the simulation when building your circuit.