Arduino Nano(Rev3.0) and Z80A

I want to create relationship between Arduino Nano(Rev 3.0) and Z80A in fritrzing schematic table. Is it correct that I created relationships(If it is not correct please mention my mistakes) and what do you recommend to do as a next step?

This doesn’t appear to be correct. The D0-D7 port on the Z80 is bidirectional and the nano part is not. On the Z80 if ~wr is active the port is in output mode (if read is active it is in input mode.) In addition the Z80 needs to access its instruction stream (depending on the address on the address lines) in order to operate and that is blocked here by the Nano port being unidirectional (at a time) and insufficiently fast to change to accommodate the Z80. A clear explanation of what you are trying to do would probably help give better advise. Communication between the Z80 and the nano would normally occur via an I/O port driven by the Z80 by the program in the Z80 (which implies that there is more circuitry than shown around the Z80 to provide that instruction stream.