Arduino mkrfox1200 bug with fritzing to make pcb

Bonsoir, je n’arrive pas à utiliser le fichier de l’arduino mkrfox1200 présent en téléchargement sur le site dans la fiche produits MKR FOX 1200 dans FRITZIG, il y a un message d’erreur à l’ouverture et cela ne s’affiche pas pour créer un PCB. Merci de votre aide.

While there seems to be a Fritzing part somewhere (as there are images of it), I don’t find one in a google search. Do you have an fzpz file for the mkrfox1200? If so, and it doesn’t work either upload it (seventh icon from the left) here or supply a url and I’ll have a look at it.


@vanepp It is available and the breadboard and schematic work but the PCB is broken. I do not have time to look into any further but maybe you will spot the mistake quickly.

Yep, there isn’t a pcb svg, its zero length :slight_smile: I’m just making one.

Wow is this screwed up! Starts at pin22 in apparantly a close to random order … 22 is the second pin first pin is 51. I’m considering redoing the whole thing …


That page says it has the source to produce the boards and points to three files. Eagle files, Schematic picture and the fritzing file. Obviously the Fritzing file is not for production and the schematic is more of a block diagram because it is missing all the components on the small carrier board that is the main part of the board.

That main little board may be the reason the pins are out of order because they relate to the pin numbers of that little board not the order of the pins on the breakout.

One last thing is also on that page is a png of the pin layout that may help you.

Well as always this was instructional. The original bb file was done in Illustrator apparently at 96 dpi (which is the css standard). Editing it with Inkscape works fine until you save it, when Inkscape sets it to 96 dpi (like the input) rather than 90dpi as it used to. When the result is loaded in to Fritzing, the bb scale is too large (as Fritz assumes 90 dpi but the file is 96 I think). I’ve spent most of the day to figure out how to recover this, and I’ll add that to the Inkscape tips thread in a bit. Now as to this part. It is really broken. It has busses (none of which are present on the part, but then perhaps neither are the connectors it references …), pads that appear to have been freehand drawn in bb, very odd pin numbers internally a poor and incomplete schematic (which I tossed and did over entirely, with schematic matching the layout of the device pins in BB as is best) and no pcb svg (the original problem). So I created the pcb svg from scratch and fixed up the BB svg with new round all identical pads. I think this part should be correct, but as I don’t have one to check, as always before cutting a PCB print out the footprint and check it against a real part to verify it is correct. If I can figure out how to contact them, I’ll offer this as a replacement for their current part … If the OP downloads this part it will hopefully do what he wants.

edit: Replace this file with one where the svgs have been post processed to remove the Inkscape badnesses (such as px in font size) which I forgot to do in the first one):

Arduino MKR Fox 1200_fixed.fzpz (36.0 KB)


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