Arduino Mino Pro 3.3 V doesn't align/connect

Steps I took that resulted in the problem:

I selected the Arduino Pro Min (Rev14) and dropped it on a breadboard.
It resulted in the part being unaligned and not auto-connected.

What I expected should have happened instead:

The part should be properly aligned and auto-connect.

Opening this part in the parts-editor (or looking at the part’s XML file) shows that all pins are declared as female. However, the most common setup with this part is male down facing headers on the long sides and female up facing (or up facing 90 degrees male headers) on the short side. See also similar parts such as Arduino Pro Mini Rev13 and the M1 Blue Pill which do auto-align and auto-connect fine.

I’ve copied this part and after changing all the pins on the long side to male, the customized part connects to the bread board - if and only if I disable ‘Align to grid’. That means something in the part’s definition still messes up the auto-alignment.

My version of Fritzing and my operating system:

  • fritzing-0.9.6-3.fc35.x86_64
  • fritzing-parts-0.9.6-3.fc35.noarch
  • Fedora 35

See also Arduino Pro Mini doesn't align nor connect in fritzing - Arduino Stack Exchange for a discussion and a screenshot of this issue.

The core part has a variety of problems. Alignment is correct, but all pins are defined as female (and thus won’t connect to the breadboard which is the problem, not alignment, male and female in the fzp file do not refer to the sex of the connector but rather whether the pin will connect to breadboard or not) but all that I saw are fixed in this part. There are still more (it doesn’t meet the graphics standard for instance) but everything functional that I saw wrong is fixed.

edit: I have upgraded the part(s) to meet the graphics standards and added the 5V version to the 3.3V version.

Arduino Pro Mini (3.3V)-fixed.fzpz (16.8 KB)

Arduino Pro Mini (5V)-fixed.fzpz (16.8 KB)

Note you may need to set the grid size to 0.05in (View->set grid size) in order to be able to attach to the breadboard. If Fritzing chooses to use the female connectors as the reference the parts won’t attach to the breadboard because they are misaligned (the interior pins are offset 0.05in!)


Ok, so you just fixed that part and a future Fritzing release will contain this fix?

I fixed the part and you can load it and use it now by loading it in to Fritzing via either File->Open-> Arduino Pro Mini (3.3V)-fixed.fzpz or specifying “Open with Fritzing” when you click on the link and then answering yes to the save new parts prompts when you exit Fritzing (which will leave the part in your mine parts bin for use.) When I get around to doing a complete fix I can submit a pull request on github against the parts repository and it will be added to the core parts. Part changes don’t need a code update, just a parts repo update, but I am normally too lazy to make them (github and I don’t get along …)


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I just updated the fixed part(s) to meet the graphics standards and provide a 5V version. I replaced the part in the original post above so you need to re download them.