Arduino - Irrigation Plus Ilumination Project

Hello people,
I´m a student in Mechanical Engeneer, but i have this project in what i need to make the control of the irrigation and, at the same time, control the ilumitation of the garden. This must be all possible to control by anyone in a display with some switches.
Im thinking about using these components:
-Arduino Uno R3;
-1x LDR sensor
-1x Humidity sensor
-2x Relay (for controlling the lights and the valve)
-1x 220DC Valve
-1x 12 v lamp
-1x RTC clock
-1x LCD Display

The code for the lights is quite simple but i have many questions. How to read the 2 sensors at the same time, making only one program on the arduino? How do i program thhe switches of the display to change the values of the time i want the irrigation and the lights are on, and the hour i want to turn that on?
Basically i know very litlle about eletronic, but i´m trying to learn, please help me answearing any question, or showing me similar projects that you know, anything may help.
Thank you very much.

Hopefully you know at least something about programming, after that google is your friend :slight_smile: . Most of the stuff you need has tutorials for beginners so a google search for “arduino rtc”, “arduino lcd”, “arduino humidity sensor” “arduino switches” etc will pull up useful tutorials. You can’t read two sensors at once (at least not usually) so you read them one after the other in a loop which is usually good enough (and will be in this case as the values won’t change that quickly). You might also look at / do a search of the project web site on the main Fritzing web page as there may be a similar project listed in there (or at least ones that you can get hints from).


Try the Arduino project hub.