Arduino Controller PCB design

Hey there, I am using Fritzing to make my first arduino board. I have developed the PCB design but when I export them to the etachable PDF, I got eight different pdf files and their mirror files also. What should I do to get my picture of that PCB deisgn so that I can print it on the paper. Please guide me.

Print out the PDF… What exactly are you wanting to do? Send it out to a fab house or make the board yourself…

I am making a board myself. There are eight files. I want to take a print on a single paper. what should I do? If I print them all 8 pdfs, there will be eight pages.

You don’t have the print all 8 pages… you can just print current page or select the pages you want to print. If you are making a negative and using a UV light you will need to print it out on a transparent film.