Arduino Beginner YouTube channel


First time on this forum so I’ll introduce myself first I guess. My name’s Steve Kinsey and I’m an IT teacher in Dublin, Ireland. I just started getting into programming electronics very recently and am having an absolutely fantastic time working my way through the Fritzing Creator Kit sketches and circuits.

I started taking short videos of what I was up to shortly after I began my Arduino tinkerings, more as a way to get my own head around the programs and circuits I was making than anything else…explaining the code and circuits helped me to understand things on a deeper level I think, mostly because I had to make sure I really did understand exactly what was going on before I hit the Record button :slight_smile: It really worked for me anyway, and I’d strongly encourage any beginner to give it a try.

After watching the videos back I was pretty happy with the results and figured the videos might help other beginners who are also working their way through the Creator Kit sketches and circuits, so I’ve put them up on a new YouTube channel called Arduino Beginner.

I hope I’m not breaking any forum rules by posting a link to the channel here, and if I am I apologise and will remove the link immediately (I did read the forum guidelines in full before posting this). I am only trying to help other beginners though to be honest, so I hope you guys don’t mind.

Anyway, there are 8 videos up there at the moment with more to follow. All the videos cover Fritzing Creator Kit sketches and circuits, namely Chaser Lights, Flip-Flop, Fortune Teller, Fading and Amplification…with Automatic Lighting and Synthesiser to follow shortly.

I hope some of you find it useful, and I’d love to receive any feedback or comments as this is my first YouTube channel so I’m only really finding my way right now.

OK, thanks everyone.


It’s the little things like this that help make fritzing better. As a community project, all help in any form is ALWAYS appreciated. Demonstration videos are always a bonus and very insightful for the novice. Thanks for putting these together :smile: Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with. thanks again for the instructional videos! Happy fritzing’ing

Thanks sooooo much for that response, I really do appreciate it very ery much. As they say here in Dublin, fair play to ye :wink:

Delighted with that :slight_smile: