ArduCAM OV2640 Mini 2MP Plus


I search this part, someone can help me ? :slight_smile:


This part should do what you want.

edit: On the original I added the T and V pins which I missed, and as requested below added a version with the board swapped (only in breadboard, schematic and pcb remain the same.

arducam-mini-2mp-plus.fzpz (20.3 KB)

and the reversed breadboard version

arducam-mini-2mp-plus_pins_swapped.fzpz (10.8 KB)


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it’s possible to have the front view of the camera ?

Sure, although I think the current version is the front view of the camera from Fritzing’s point of view.


this picture from the user guide indicates the current version appears to be how it connects. In any case I will replace the original with a new one (with the V and T pins added) and add a version with the pins swapped. You will need to delete the part for the original version before you can load the new one.


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