Any workaround for making a 4-layer PCB in Fritzing?


Hello Fritzing Community,

I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to a potential workaround to create a 4-layer PCB in Fritzing?

I’ve made several 2-layer PCBs and I would now like to attempt to create a single board, featuring all these circuits and use 2 internal layers to form connections between the vias/headers as there isn’t enough available space on the outer layers.

Since you can’t explicitly create a 4-layer PCB in the software, is there a way in which I could create two sets of Gerber files (outer layers and inner layers) and then edit/combine them so that they would technically be a 4-layer PCB (as far as production is concerned)?

Any advice and information would be greatly appreciated - I really don’t want to have to draw up 10 circuits again in another package. :sweat_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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same thoughts here,

I’m guessing as long as I don’t have crazy vias that goes thru only few layers,
make all vias all thru, I can exported twice and assemble some 4-layer settings from the files

'cause I can maually do that with two 2sided board glued to gather and hand-solder some vias.

If I had extra layers for Vdd and Vss that’ll be much easier to make smaller boards :stuck_out_tongue:
or maybe even with BGAs.


I don’t see any reason that shouldn’t work (with the warning that I don’t often do boards) as long as you know what to rename the two new gerber layers to. Tell us how you make out :slight_smile: .



I found the file data names needed:

turns out to be “.G2L” “.G3L” and possible “.G4L …, G16L?”

must try 4-layer someday, for all the funs
though I can complete most my designs with serious 8-mil path hand routes and all those 0.2mm vias

sorry for linking the JCLPCB :stuck_out_tongue: but the info helps