Any way to designate wires as input vs. output, or at least show arrows on schematic?

I can’t see any way of adding a little arrowhead to the end of a wire to indicate the logic direction (e.g. data pin from the DS18b20 -> pin 7 on Raspberry Pi). Is this possible, or do I just need to work around it by adding a generic label, typing a >, and rotating/dragging it around accordingly?

I want to avoid confusion when looking at the schematic; first thing I saw when I made my first one was that all the wires look the same other than maybe color when I explicitly set that…arrows might help clarify

You (or I) may be able to create a custom part that consists of only an arrow and only in schematic that could be dragged on to a pin. I assume you are thinking of something like this:

ds18b20 |---->-------| raspberry pI pin
where the > has been added to a wire. One problem will be that the arrow won’t move if you reroute the wire and I’m not sure that you can have a part that has no connectors (although I think you should be able to).


Are you talking about ‘net label’, because that’s in the CORE bin. I sometimes just use them as a disconnected label to give extra info. There is also a simple text part at the bottom of the CORE bin.

That wasn’t what I meant (because I didn’t know it was there) but it will certainly serve the same purpose without needing anything new. Good catch!


Nice one. I saw it there when I searched for label, but it didn’t occur to me to use it because it looked to me like one of those connection arrows for linking to other sheets that I’ve seen used in other schematic tools. I think dropping a non-connected “I” or “O” net label where the pin meets the wire and orienting it accordingly is a good enough hackjob til I come up with something better. That’s easier to see, and snaps to the grid. I appear to also be able to move the part along with the net labels just by dragging a selection rectangle. Though, I’ll have to be careful not to actually connect anything to it, otherwise things will probably explode. Thanks :slight_smile:

It is one of those connection arrows for linking to other sheets, ie any net label with the same name is electrically connected, but if you don’t connect it to anything it’s a nice label.