Any tips on viewing groups using Inkscape for svg creation

Fritzing parts editor loads an svg file for the pub. It requires certain objects to be in various groups like copper0, copper1, silkscreen. Has anybody got any tips on displaying groups in Inkscape. I am really exasperated as to why they did not use layers rather than groups. It would have been so much easier to view what was in a layer. Note: current parts editor does not support both copper0 & copper1 so when are we going to see a new parts editor?

I too are wondering what the hell is going on with Fritzing. Is there some super secret new version being developed or is it that the maintainers are to busy with their day jobs and don’t have time? Really, if you guys want to have an open source community then some feedback is justified. I’ve been following this forum and man its painful how people’s questions are left to wallow in the dust when it comes to the parts creations especially. I look at the Arduino (cc) model as being very effective in that they show their user base whats going on through there very active github account and forum. If you’re trying to build up suspense for any new features or development I have to say its been a snore instead. Just saying something is in the works at some unspecified time in future doesn’t cut it I’m afraid and leaves people to get frustrated.

I pretty much stopped looking at the source code once I found out that your github master branch might not be the actual branch you’re developing, and through another unrelated forum thread I found out why my fork (Master Branch) was not able to use Boost beyond 1.57. Well, anyway I’ve spent to much time ranting here cause I’m sure it will be not answered or if it is it will a one sentence yes we are actively developing, prove me wrong please!

I looked at a part Arduino ProtoScrew Shield because it was like the prototype board I am trying to create a part for. It half works so I thought I would contact sparkfun about the half that was not working and hopefully find out how to create my prototype. At least two problems one when I exported the svg for the pcb and then tried to load it into a new part I got the message the new parts editor does not support two copper layers. The second problem was that spark fun tech support were of no help as the guy who does their fritzing parts had recently left and nobody else knew anything about creating fritzing parts